(things to do in Belgrade – part three)

It’s hard to be objective in the things you like. It’s still your taste and things you like. So these are just my subjective proposals. And this time at (more and more regular) post Belgrade 1, 2, 3, you’ll find a great cafe, a YouTube show (in Serbian) and the most cheerful and colorful aprons in the whole world (that can be in English). So let’s begin 🙂

1. Try the best chocolate souffle in town – in Tribeca

I go to Tribeca for years now. And it’s always fascinating for me how the cafe is located in the main street in Belgrade (Kralja Petra) and only few people know about it. Maybe I could easily say that this is my favorite coffee. Why? This is perhaps my stupid hedonistic characteristic, but when I sit somewhere, of all the things that I like to be in order, one of my favorite is when the waiter is kind to me (and in Serbia, it is a big deal!) And here Tribeca never let me down. The boys are always at their place. A selection of drinks is decent. Meals are excellent (prices a bit stronger, portions a bit smaller). It’s never crowded. And they definitely have the best chocolate souffle in Belgrade. Unimaginable. Playful perversion of chocolate on your lips – melted chocolate, pieces of hazelnut, almond, cherries… Well, unbelievable every time. Recommendation for a lazy afternoons and celebrations for no reason whatsoever.

sta raditi u beogradu

2. Look at the weekly show Fortune with Loona Loo

Between the daily dose of politics and bad news, one YouTube show emerged – Fortune: 8 minutes about happiness & (its host) Luna Lu; which sadly is only in Serbian (for now at least). Loona Loo every Monday cames to say to just stop for a second and think, to see where we are and what we are, to wake up from the 9 to 5 hypnosis and lack of time. The most important question that runs through each episode is what happiness is, why we want other people’s misfortune, who’s to blame (because we are never to blame), which role a fortune has in success and all this in an interesting and humorous way, followed by Belgrade and its charm. Why am I writing this if it is only in Serbian then? Well, you should definitely stop and think about these “less important” life issues and if you are learning Serbian, look at the most current episode.

3. Get someone the craziest Aprons with funny sayings

Whether you love to cook yourself or have someone who absolutely (does not) love to cook, these aprons are an amazing gift! The ingenious and witty captions and colorful and cheerful designs will surely make you laugh, so you will not be able (like me) to decide which to take! Honey, your lunch is at the 32. page in cook book; It’s hard to be modest when you’re perfect; I’m too pretty to cook – are just a few of these funny sayings and you can easily order what you want to say on them! These fabulous aprons are hand-sew by a wonderful girl from Belgrade and aprons are always easily found in handicraft fairs in Serbia or you can order them through fb page Aprons with funny sayings. Take a look, you’re surely going fall in love with all of them and find the perfect gift for your mom, grandma, aunt, but also dad and male members of the family that (as it turns out) always cook better.

šta raditi u beogradu


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!


    • Trenutno ima sajam rukotvorina u Knez Mihajlovoj – održava se u bivšoj robnoj kući na Trgu Republike, čini mi se da traje do kraja maja. Za više informacija možeš da pogledaš FB stranu kecelja ili ako nisi iz Beograda, postoji mogućnost slanja na adresu.

  1. Citam ja tekst ispicetka kad cujem neko vice, skrolujem na dole kad ono kolac: Uzmi me, uzmi me!
    Tresnem se po celu, vratim se nazad, kad ono opet vice..
    I ja sta cu, sad moram da se spakujen i krenem u restoran!


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