(guest post by Nadja Budimirovic)

What’s that?! You’ve finally decided to write a book?

But there’s just one problem – you don’t have time because of your daily tasks to really sit down and start writing. You are thinking and daydreaming: ah, if I could just go somewhere, to find solitude among beasts, bugs, grass and finally write that book…

But, oh, nothing comes out of it!

Reality is cruel and often bits time like a church mouse grabs a piece of cheese. And when you look back, all you see are weeks, months, years, your whole life passed, and all that has left from your book is a wishful thinking.

Maybe now you have fallen into a severe despair, thinking it’s better to immediately give up than to hope that unicorns exist.

But do not despair! There is a remedy for everything, even for contemporary ailment called lack of time. You’re wondering how I know? Because I was in the same place some time ago, that’s how I know!

I also fantasized, standing by my window, that one day I will escape to a cabin somewhere by a quiet (and not at all scary) lake where I will become a maggot that come will out of as a writer crowned with a glory of her masterpiece.

As you can imagine, this never happened. I am not typing these lines from the cabin with a breathtaking view looking over a calm lake, but from my apartment in the middle of urban hustle and bustle. However, although I haven’t found my safe haven, I managed to find something more important: time to write! And soon you will learn (my) magic recipe. More specifically, even 5 magical recipes, so – buckle up!  We are ready to take of 🙂

1. Time is my best friend and is always on my side

The first thing you need to do is to become best friend with time. Yes, you read that right. Decide right now that you and time are best buddies. Treat it with respect. Look at the time as something you always have in abundance.

If you have difficulty with this idea, I suggest you to do a little exercise: when you find yourself in a situation where you start to think negative that you don’t have time, or you start having tingling feeling of nervousness and restlessness because you won’t get something done, just start humming the words: Tiiiiimeeee, is on my side… Yes it is! (Surely you’ve heard the Rolling Stones song?! No? Here it is 😉 ) And all you need is just this one sentence.

Piece of cake, isn’t it?!

I can see you puzzled, scratching your head and thinking: how the fu*k will this help me?!

First of all, it is not nice to swear, and second it will help you get a different perspective of time. This is a psychological game, proven to work. I’ve tried it myself and it really works!

With time (that is now your BFF), you will become better and better, and with these verses, hours will begin to spill out of your pockets.

2. Make a big cleaning i.e. set life priorities

Let me ask you something but you have to be honest.

How much time did you spend today, yesterday, day before yesterday, and all other days watching TV or being social networks? How much time did you spend doing things that you have absolutely nothing to gain from?!

It’s the same thing as eating sweets: one is OK, but you will be sick from five (and you’ll become addicted to sweets and gain weight).

Be strong and clear up your day from the things in your life that are not necessary. I know, it’s easier to say than do, but to stay strong, you need to have a clear perspective of what your life priorities are. Sitting in front of TV or PC, or writing a book?!  When you’re done with an honest chattering with yourself, you will know what to do.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t be too soft either. Allow yourself an hour or two to do nothing important. But the rest of the time just sit and work. Try this for only 3 days in a row, and behold, the excess time to do some smarter things is created. Even for writing. Isn’t that wonderful 🙂

3. Determine when you write

If you want to be a writer, then you have to specify a particular time of day (or night), when you sit down and write and nobody disturbs you. No matter how much you resist this fact, writing is a job, of course beautiful and interesting job, but the fact remains that if you want something to be done, you must tackle the job, or in this case the keypad (or pen, why not?).

So, think about when would be the best time for you to sit down and write and how many days a week you can devote to writing. You should have in mind that this type of work requires peace and quiet atmosphere above all. If getting up early is not a problem for you, then wake up before your daily chores (and all other household members) and devote your morning to writing. For me, this is not possible because I don’t like getting up so I chose the nighttime. Like Cinderella, at midnight I turn into a writer and type and type and type – sometimes for half an hour and sometimes for whole four hours. I don’t care how much time I spend writing, because I want to write every day, so when I get down to work, I really stick to that time and write.

Of course, there will be days when something unexpected will happen: sick day, family, work, etc. Life is dynamic and unexpected things always happen. Here is the trick to be flexible but consistent. If you know that day at that time you’re gonna do something else, then find the way to jostle writing in the day when you are free. Believe me, if you want something you will find the way, so remember your priorities.

4. Twenty-five minutes a day does wonders

Yes, you read that right. If you write every day for 25 minutes, for 356 days it’s very possible that you will finish a novel. But, if 25 minutes looks scary for you in the beginning, try 5. You need to get your mind used to the idea of writing.

The point is, when you see that you have a certain amount of time available, turn on the stopwatch and start writing. Yes, just like that – turn it on and write. You can set the clock on your phone or on the Internet, say for 25-30 minutes and immediately start writing. Do not think about editing, but just type and type and type. It is important to start and catch the momentum. When the timer goes off, you can stop writing, but you will often find that you want to keep going, so if you have time don’t stop.

Of course there will be days when those 25 minutes will look like a cruel medieval torture. It is important not to torture yourself – it happens to the best writers, let alone beginners. It is important to honor those moments and there is even a mini-cure for it. Reduce the time on the clock, set it on a “lunatic” time such as 14 min and 23 seconds – it will seem like you’re chasing a world record, and it can motivate you to go further.

Personally, I solve this problem by outlining or writing down all the ideas that go through my head regarding characters, scenes, etc. The most important thing is to spend the time wisely – if not with writing, then with brainstorming about writing or editing.

5. Magično X

No, no, the truth may be out there, but this is not a Mulder’s X. This is a writer’s X.

Anyway, take a calendar where all the months are put together and every day when you’re done writing, cross out that day. So, every day, tap X’s (or O’s, if you like it more) and soon you will have a stunning symmetry. You will feel sorry to break this miraculous sequence. Keep this calendar in a visible place so that it is always before you and there will be no more problems with creating time to write.

I’m sure that these 5 tips are great to get you started, and once you’ve mastered only one of them, you will see that some things become routine, and that you don’t have to think about it anymore. The most important things are persistence and perseverance, but only if you approach them with understanding and flexibility. Soon, you will see that every day you sit in front of the PC not because you “need to”, but because you feel a day is not met if you didn’t write down your thoughts and ideas. You will finally have the book in front of you that has waited to be written for so long! An it is an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

Nađa Budimirović was born in Novi Sad, where she graduated history on the Faculty of Philosophy. Her path led her to studying  spiritual development of mankind and thanks to learning from various mentors, her thoughts became clearer,  life easier and more beautiful. On that path, Nadja found her mission in life and dedicated herself to writing and  inspiring others who want to get back on track with positive changes. Soon you will be able to find  her first book about  the law of attraction on Amazon, which is intended for teenagers. In this book you will be able to read in a simple and concise way  how our thoughts create reality and how to become a deliberate creator. Nadia also provides writing services and motivational consultation and can be found on FB. Of course, if you liked the article, feel free to like it, share it  or leave a comment 😉



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