(or things to do in Belgrade)

Sometimes it seems that Belgrade cleverly conceals its best pieces, or people just don’t notice how many good things there are to do in this city. For some time I’ve wanted to write this recommendation post, and now I think it will become a regular one 🙂 The topic is 3 things that are interesting in Belgrade, for example. bars, restaurants, plays, but even websites and books… For now, I chose something I was previously thinking about, so it should be interesting!

1.Read Esquire

I don’t know how interesting this will be if you don’t speak Serbian, but the thing is I have never found myself in any magazine. Maybe I’m too strict, but I didn’t read nothing more constructive than Mickey Mouse Almanac for years, and each subsequent magazine seemed empty to me. Yes, some good articles did come along, maybe even the whole edition of the certain magazine, but the euphoria subsided quickly, and the next issue seemed empty again Esquire is magazine for men, and female counterpart does not exist (not that anyone ever wonders about this) so I read it from beginning to end, and at the end I check if I left something out. It’s smart. Witty. Sexy. Exciting. In these volatile times, what I prefer the most is that it is blindly faithful every issue is extraordinary! I want to meet the people who write there and discover how are they doing that! The only criticism is that, on the internet, they are completely unrepresentative if you go to their FB page (since they don’t have a website!), you wouldn’t know what kind of treasure is hidden inside. I’m not sure that’s the best solution, because most people do not know how to appreciate the paper edition anymore, but the magazine is in any case incredibly good. Warm recommendation.

things to do in Belgrade

2. Drink coffee in Przionica

I’m not too big a fan of coffee (I will always give priority to tea… Or chocolate milk), but Pržionica is different. Located on the lower part of Dorcol, at Dobračina Street 59 b, Przionica carries urban minimalistic charm: bare walls, empty coffee sacks, plain bowls of water, and the menu with only few types of coffee, but the choice is more than enough. Time stands as you chat with Nenad (I cannot call him bartender, maybe just the guy who serves you coffee), and in the outside world nothing (special) happens while you drink your late in peace. The best is perhaps to go earlier in the day, talk with the people who hang out there more or less regularly (surely you will recognise someone) and take some great pastry in the bakery next door. Unbuttoning is guaranteed. And joyful foam on the top (e.g. in the form of the universe 😉 ).

things to do in Belgrade

3. Watch Metamorphoses

Theatrical repertoire in Belgrade is debatable, but if the show plays Nebojša Glogovac, you can at least sit and admire the skill and the dedication of a phenomenal actor. And if the play is great as the Metamorphoses are, all that is left for you is to enjoy. I do not know if it’s because I finished World literature, but Ovid’s myths seem to me so alive, so distinctive and so present. From chaos to world creation, from love to madness, from passion to insanity scenes in the play are merged and display metamorphosis of the soul that will only appear invisible to the eye. All this is connected with symbolic tape which meaning goes long way from a small adhesive tape to the cobwebs from which the poor fly can not wriggle its way out, even though it fell into it on its own. What emotions are forbidden and how emotions can be forbidden at all, and aren’t transformations that what makes us human Not to make this too long, the play is really good, and if you think that theatere is unattainable, they do have English subtitles! Also I am adding one more p.s. here once a month JDP theatre provides the convenience of purchasing tickets at very reasonable prices (cheaper than the movies!).

I hope you liked this short recommendation post! If you have something to add, please give your suggestions on what needs to be discovered” in Belgrade 🙂


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  1. It’s a pity because i don’t understand Serbian 😉 by the moment… and i can’t understand and see your newspapers and events ;)… but at least, i can see the soul of your City and citizens!

    I will check Przionica next weekend when i will visit Beograd!

    See u.. maybe

    • Don’t worry, you can see the play, it has subtitles! And as for the magazines, you will learn Serbian soon enough, I am sure that someone would teach you 🙂 Yes, check Przionica and maybe see you there on the weekend! Tnx for your comment 🙂

  2. Hvala na divnim savetima, uvek sam raspolozena za nove preporuke mesta divnog Beograda. Veliki sam ljubitelj kafe i pozorista, a casopis bih mogla da prelistam! Jedva cekam jos! 🙂


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