This is the perfect time of the year to visit some of the most beautiful Serbia Best Spas as most of them are located in the natural environment, surrounded by forests, meadows and fields with lots of springs of thermal and mineral waters. They are a perfect getaway from the noisy city where you can relax any time of the year, and enjoy in sports, cycling, hiking, fishing or pamper yourself in some hot spa centers with massages, pools and saunas. Surroundings of Serbian spas are also beautiful with lots of lakes, waterfalls and mountains, so you can go sightseeing or get to know Serbian couture by visiting some of monasteries, churches, ethno houses or other historical spots. There are many spas in Serbia, any every spa has its own benefits, but today I will tell you about my 3 favorite spas and why I think they are great place to go to anytime of the year, and what you can do and see there. This is my personal choice, so feel free to leave comment bellow if you like some other spa better 😉

Vrnjačka Banja

best Serbia Spa
Bridge of Love – Vrnjačka Banja

This spa is the most visited and certainly the most famous Serbian spa with lots of interesting places in its surrounding, such as remains of medieval fortress, monasteries, mountain Goč with its untamed nature etc. Vrnjačka Banja is located in the valley od Zapadna Morava river, at about 200 km from Serbian capital Belgrade, or a solid 3 hours drive.

serbia best spa
Vrnjacka Banja in springtime

serbia best spa
Vrnjačka Banja is perfect in the springtime

In Vrnjačka Banja there are as far as 7 springs of hot and cold mineral water, with a temperature that is same as the human body, 36,5 C. There are a lot of spas centers that you can visit here, but the most famous ones are Merkur and Solaris. Merkur is a hotel built while ago and is the biggest rehabilitation center in this part of the Balkans, while Solaris is more of a posh spa center that you can go to relax and fill up your energy. Most of the thermal waters in Vrnjačka Banja cure diabetes or abdomen related difficulties and you can drink, inhale or swim in the mineral water. Besides this, Vrnjačka Banja host many theatre and music manifestations during summer, so it’s a great place to go anytime.

My reccomendation is to see put a lock on a bridge of love, enjoy some of the spas and definetly go to Goč if you have time and it’s not too cold.

Soko Banja

best serbia spa
Ripaljka Waterfall – Soko Banja

Soko Banja (or literally Hawk Spa), has the longest touristic tradition in former Yugoslavia and is declared as the ecologic municipality and is definitely my personal favorite place that I can go to anytime.

There are 6 springs of hot mineral water in Soko Banja that reach temperature up to 52 C. That’s why there is thermae Sokoterme with open swimming pools where you can take a swim even during winter, but also aqua park such as Podine where children have fun at many slides. But the best is located in the very heart of Soko Banja, the fantastic hamam, or the Turkish bathroom that famous Prince Miloš Obrenović used for his own purposes that you have to visit.

Serbia spa best
Soko banja and Moravica River in the summer
Serbia Best Spa
Soko grad (Hawk Town) in Soko banja – nobody knows the exact history of this magnetic place
Serbia best spa
Soko banja – Soko grad at the top

River Moravica goes through Soko Banja, and there’s even a popular “beach” Župan where you can go swimming if you dare to enter the freezing river water. If you like hiking, there is also a stunning waterfall Ripaljka nearby or an incredible Soko Grad (Hawk Town), the remains of an ancient medieval fortress that nobody knows nothing about, and that holds certain magnetic energy. Here you can go bird-watching and see hawks that this spa got its name after and many other bird species. Other places to see are Lepterija (hiking spot), Seslačka pećina (cave) and Vrmdžansko jezero (lake), but also a “stone of love” (kamen ljubavi), a big rock in the middle of the field that by myth, holds your love if you touch it with your loved one. On the way to Aleksinac, lies an alluring Bovan Lake, a famous natural resort where you can swim and have a picnic during summertime.

Soko Banja is especially recommended to people who suffer from asthma, anemia, orthopedic problems and the most popular stationary is Ozren.

My reccomendation is to go to Lepterija and climb your way to Soko Grad, take a stroll by Moravica, visit Ripaljka waterfall and definetly relax in hammam as this is something worth remembering.

Banja Vrujici

Serbia Spa best
Salamnders tail
The healing mud in Vrujici doesn’t look so nice but leaves your skin soft and tender

Banja Vrujici is a perfect quick getaway if you go from Belgrade, at only 90 kilometers away from the capital. It’s a quiet, little spa that got its name (Vrujici – hot) because of its thermal water that holds its 28 C temperature all through the year, so it doesn’s freeze and it’s warm even during the winter. By the way, the cleanest swimming pools are right here as they are filled with fresh mineral water every day. There is a couple of spa centers with water slides and swimming pools in the Vrujici, and one of them has a healing mud. This mud has a greenish-purple color that you rub on your skin and is one of the many therapies implemented here. Besides skin diseases, Vrujici spa also brings benefits to those who have difficulties with rheumatism, high blood pressure or anemia.

My reccomendation is to enjoy some of the hot springs, roll yourself into healing mud and enjoy traditional Serbian cusine.

Serbia best spa
Vrujici – pool & sky

In the end, although still in development, spas in Serbia have a great potential and provide a perfect resort for healthy lifestyle where you can get away from your everyday worries.

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