At the ends of the colorful scarf
gold coins rattle
in the rhythm of my hips
and dance at the command of the dark gods

Around the joints bracelets
While the heels are pounding on the sand
And the moon dipped in the madness descends
behind the clouds,
orders me to continue

Dreaming of

Events that never happened
Books that were never written

I’m dreaming and
bang on one another,
clap, clap, clap
The throat makes sounds
While the hips sway left and right
left right
left right
left… and right

I am the darkness that hides me
Drops of sweat
on the temples
a squeeze of fingers on hands
I dance in the moonlight
And sweat sticks my hair to my hot forehead

How to be free of myself
How to free myself
How to
Feet walk on water
The soul follows the roads that do not know where lead

And I’m still dreaming and sweet heart
cracks at the edges
At the sign of music drumming in my ears
Shadows dance
Skin with goosebumps despite the flame smoldering from
my stomach


Divine and horrendous intertwine inside of me
And in my walls
I see light

I am free
I am
Alone in the middle of the crowd
Which moves equally to the sound of gold coins
I am every color
Which melts before closed eyes
I am red and red and red
I am

Dreaming of

Exotic fruit squeezed in waterfalls
A land waiting beneath my footsteps
On which stand
millions of ghosts
I dream ing of going where they want
The bones that are old

Repeated story
Never told till the end

How I cruise the sea,
with foot crossed over the deck
while I look out to shore, into the horizon and the sky,
in overall blue
How I eat what I love,
while the sweetness of taste flows down my palate

I am the universe
I am
My hips going
Left right
right left


And – here is freedom,
It comes in flows
Its foam comes out of my mouth
It wraps me like a cloth
Here is freedom
In all its ecstasies
And the moon behind the clouds,
orders me to continue


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!

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