I’d love that

you walk right by me

and I don’t sense that

notice that

upset everything

I’d love to turn my head away

to the other side


That I don’t feel

your touch, everywhere

every time I look at you

You to turn your head away


I’d love to suffocate the laughter

with my bare hands

That I don’t see you

when I’m not looking

That I don’t know your name

and nothing more than a name

I’d love to hear everything else

except pounding of the beating heart

in my ears

You to turn away

to the other side

That world doesn’t stop

to the sound of your voice

That you waive me

I’d love that I never recognise you

in a crowd

even when you’re not there

That time doesn’t stop

like we’re standing in time

That I’m a stranger

and nothing more to you

That I’m no one

and nothing to you

That we’ve never spoken

That we’ve never touch

That we’ve never enjoyed

each another

I’d love that you

don’t exist

That I never meet the feeling that follows

your presence

That shivering doesn’t follow

every thought of you

I’d love that you walk away from me

and I don’t sense that

notice that

upset everything

I’d love that I could


anybody else




If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!


  1. Ovo razume ko je doživeo, da ne kažem preživeo isto 🙂
    Gledala bih te dugo dok se tvoj obris ne pretvori u tačkice koje više ne mogu da se spoje.


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