In my phone

Voices live

Noise lives

Although it is not alive

Microchips keep trembling beats

They keep sighs

Salty creations that came out of my eyes

My phone is alive

Although it is not alive

By the color of your smile


By your gesture

My phone is alerting me

When your groin craves to get stuck between mine

My phone knows every word I said

Although I don’t remember most of them

It is standing next to my head

It speaks with your eyes

It shows me pictures of your teeth

It laughs in your name

Even when we’re not talking

That world of circuits and wires

It comes to life

Although it’s not alive

Everything that comes  from far, far away is imprinted on the glass

Far from my womb

My phone hides smiles and quarrels and grumbles

Incomplete sentences

Unsent messages

That phone that’s not alive

It lives under the trembling of our lips

Our mergers and separations

Three-meaning sentences, words

And emoticons

Book in too many volumes

Turned into characters

Love letters in the form of digital inscriptions

In my phone

Our lives live

Virtual realities of love

Pseudo kisses

Pseudo hugs

Touch of the camera

Your whisper enters my ears

Technological telepathy

Thought transferred from palm to palm

In a few seconds

Isn’t it magic

That I know you are thinking about me

The second when you think about me

Artificial intelligence speaks in the name of a raw heart

Two dots and one bracket

Closed or open

My phone lives


And I hope one day

We will too


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!


  1. Nenad Brzanović Reply

    Mnogo mi se dopada!
    Hvala Ana Gord!
    Najbolje su one priče koje su svima poznate, ili tako deluju, svima se dogadjajiu, često, ali umetnik ume da vidi, oslika, fotografiše ili opiše drugim senzibilitetom…

  2. shvatih da ono sto citamo \ pisemo ne mora da ima nikakvo znacenje ako nas dira u dusu kao ova pesma u prozi xxx


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