It took me a long time to handle the fact that skin is the largest human organ. Organ. And that’s why I should treat it carefully and gently. Especially my face. Not to mention the fact that there are a million products on the market that I should choose from and find the one that suits me. That’s why I made a small list of products I use for a basic face care, and as I advocate natural cosmetics, this should suit most skin types. So let’s begin 🙂

1. Vitamin C in ampules 

What? How did I come up with vitamin C? And in ampoules?! Well, (transcribed from the Internet) vitamin C slows down aging of the skin, it’s great against free radicals (whatever that means), and it hydrates the face. No, seriously, vitamin C has been used in beauty salons in facial treatments, and if you do not have the time (or money) for the treatment, ampules are great solution. Buy a couple of (cheap) ampules at the pharmacy, keep them in the fridge and once a day rub a few drops into your face. Depending on the size of your face and neck (and I know you’re not giraffes), one ampule may take up to 5-6 day of use. When vitamin C is smeared onto your face, it can tighten the skin a little, so you can freely apply some face cream after that.

2. Coconut Oil (in a jar)

Again, from the Internet, coconut oil moisturizes the skin, making it softer, more supple and prevents wrinkles. When my friends first recommended coconut oil, I have to admit I was a bit skeptic, but now I cannot live without it! What do I use it for? Well, for everything! It’s best it’s when rubbed into the dump skin, so I apply it as soon as I wash my face, I massage the face and even take off my make-up with it (along with micellar water). In addition, coconut oil is fantastic for your hair because it regenerates dry ends, stimulates hair growth and if it is regularly rubbed into the hair root, it can remove dandruff. For hair use, I put it onto hair ends few hours before washing, I leave it for a couple of hours or overnight and then I wash my hair normally. In Belgrade you can only find one brand (this blue label), so I do hope you have a great dealer from Thailand (or just buy it in health food stores).

3. Micellar Water

Ok, what is micellar water and what does it do?! I quote: Name micellar water comes from liquid crystals, micelles. It contains a molecule whose one end is hydrophilic which attracts water while other lipophilic end attracts oils and fats. If you didn’t understand this hydro and lipophilic part, micellar water is used as facial cleanser and makeup remover. Apply it on cotton pads and simply clean your face or remove make-up. Micellar water is quite delicate (because it does not contain alcohol) so it doesn’t irritate your face, and you don’t need to rinse (they say it even removes waterproof makeup). So, I take off my makeup around the eyes with it, and I tried this Garnier’s (thank you L’Oreal!) And it’s really great! It has no parfume and it cleans my face really nice, so I just put a little bit of coconut oil and cream after that.

4. Garnier Day and Night Creme

As for the cream, I mainly have a problem choosing. I do not like to use antirid cremes because I’m 30 years old (not 65) and I want to use as natural and neutral cream as possible; one that hydrates the skin but doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy. Together with micellar water, Garnier Day & Night Cream came along: Essentials care (jasmine) and Essentials (burdock) and I have to admit that I am very satisfied! Both creams smell great, but mild and gentle (maybe I like jasmine a bit more), leaving a fine thin layer on my skin that feels good on my face, and although outside it is a little colder, my skin doesn’t feel dry at all. Warm recommendation!


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!


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