(what to do in Belgrade)

Belgrade in 3 steps. The 1, 2, 3 enjoyments: a space for whispers, a detail that catches the eye and the food for the soul. It happens so often, the best is left for the end, and it seems to me that Belgrade hides something different and new in its every corner. That’s how¬†I’ve found beautiful bow ties, incredible exhibition and there is also one of my favorite cafes. So if you have no idea where to skittle these days, here are some suggestions on what to do ūüėČ

1. Wear Bow ties¬†by¬†Avangardni Sobińćak (giveaway closed!)

When did you wear a¬†bow tie for the last time? And so what¬†if you are a girl? Bows do not go solely¬†around the neck, they are also¬†for the hair and can go around the¬†arm and somehow this tiny detail gives a charm to¬†a seemingly ordinary apparel. Pair of sneakers¬†and a shirt. And a¬†bow tie. Monochrome dress with¬†wide straps. And a¬†bow tie.¬†Phenomenal accessory that goes ¬†with everything and is also¬†handmade! See colorful designs and details on¬†Avangardni Sobińćak¬†page¬†(they make them), and since the season of giving is here, there is a¬†giveaway for you guys: the red one¬†for boys – as an ideal gift for the New Years.

what to do in belgrade
…this red bow tie can be yours!

Of course, both boys and girls can wear these bow ties, I simply wanted to have a gift for guys¬†this time ūüėČ

2. Go for a drink in Martaan

Garden that has the seaside atmosphere, white and calm and sunny in the summer. Inside, spacious and cozy, as only it can be in the center of Dorcol district. Free from unnecessary crowds and clamor of silicon valley bars, yet near them, in Dositejeva Street no. 26. with perfect selection of drinks and the delicious food  (wood fired pizza!). The divine interior for long friendly meetings. Infatuated first dates. Smiling birthdays. Although it is often compared to cafe Smokvica, Martaan is cafe on its own, withdrawn and relaxed, and in winter is just as graceful as in summer. So feel free to stop by. I guarantee that it will improve your mood.

what to do in belgrade

(photo credit: here)

3. Look to the exhibition Jazz by Henri Matisse

The famous master of color Henri Matisse began painting with¬†traditional oils, with dark tones. And so he painted, as a traditional¬†painter for 15 years, with the inability to get rid of his¬†passion. He even decided to move to Paris where he¬†will somehow became famous, but that didn’t happen, and¬†only a trip to southern France, where he went broke¬†with three children, liberated his¬†inhibitions. Here Henri¬†suddenly began to wildly use color, almost frightened by his own boldness, thereby putting¬†deep layers of color to make them even more obvious, and with this, his¬†red became more red and green even greener. Once he liberated the color and let it tell the story on its own, liberation of all sufficient details¬†and primitive simplicity followed. From then on, Matisse shows an emotional reaction to a reality rather than¬†simple presentation of reality. And¬†New Moment¬†gallery (which had a great year!) brings us¬†Jazz, a book of thoughts and images which Matisse put together when he was tied to the bed but with a strong wish to somehow¬†create. The exhibition shows¬†pieces of paper cut in one move making specific collages, which show, as he said, the crystallization of memories (of the circus, folk tales and traveling). And like a true artist, he was able to display in seemingly insignificant snippets what he wants to show, to bring into a character of Icarus defeat but also¬†a resignation, to display captured moment with¬†simple forms, and that with all present¬†red (even in one tiny point) show a man who is recovering from cancer and who is not ready to¬†let life go. Therefore Jazz¬†is worth seeing, as a¬†display of his spontaneity that with so little detail¬†and in plain¬†form shows an¬†emotion, so naked¬†that it simply strikes you, and then it diffuses itself in you.¬†And than you can even bring something home with you.

 (photo credit here)


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!


  1. Martaan diiiivan kafińá, prediivan. Sedela sam jednom tamo gde je umesto stońćińáa kovńćeg i to me je navodilo da zavirujem u svaki ugao kafińáa, razmiŇ°ljuńái o tome ko je tu Ňĺiveo i Ň°ta je ostavio za sobom. ńĆiji je to kovńćeg bio? Potpuno ima taj neki duh proŇ°losti, nostalgije. Predivan zaista.
    PS MaŇ°nice su predivne! Ja bih uklapala uz teksas koŇ°ulju i duboke suknje. ALI SUKNJE OBAVEZNO ūüėÄ

    • Jeste divan je skroz, oboŇĺavam ga! Tea, vaŇĺi, suknja obavezno ūüėÄ u igri si ūüėČ


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