When was the last time you changed something in your life? I’m not thinking about the circumstances that have forced you to change something. I’m talking about something that you have done at your own free will, when you said: today I will try this – enough with the talk! In sports in particular, when you train for a long time or when you are not training at all – you need a change. To experience something new. Interesting. Inspiring. A physical change affects the state of consciousness. That’s why (at least for me) it is always a great thing when I try out a new form of physical activity. And this time it was an amazing Aerial hoop!

Aerial – what?!

Okay, let me start from the beginning. A few days ago I had the pleasure to be invited to this great conference for journalists and bloggers. As crowned representative of a blogger who loves her blog but maintains it only when she acknowledges it as a priority, I was thrilled to have my contacts stronger than my self-discipline.

So I arrived at  Aerial Arts pole dance studio in Belgrade that recently added Aerial hoop to their studio (besides pole dancing). And I was thrilled! My hostesses and instructors Natasa, Nina and Danka explained that this circus discipline is in fact fitness novelty in Belgrade that is closest to pole dance. Instead of rods, figures and dance are performed at the hoop which is attached to the ceiling (and no, it can not come off no matter how much you weigh). But hoop , no matter how simple it may look at first glance can seem intimating when you think that you should climb up there somehow and perform acrobatic elements in the air and fit all this in a choreography. Especially when they announce that the first thing you need to do to climb to the hoop is to grasp the ring and toss your legs over your head. Hm… However, it is much, much easier than it might seem at first sight. And it is an incredible feeling when after only ten minutes of preparation you climb and (semi) gracefully start floating in the air (which can be best described with my smile in the photos).

The usual Aerial hoop practice consist of 45 min warm-up followed by 45 minutes climbing to the ring (and flying :)). How easy it really is proves the fact that a (male) photographer who had only come to shoot photos just watched us girls do it and very easily managed to climb to the hoop. So even if you have never trained (or have been training), you will succeed to seize the hoop, but get ready to get a slight arm sourness and know that only in time, as in every discipline, you will gradually build strength and flexibility needed to make figures in the air. And of course, adore your mind that brought you to change your body. And there is price for this! Same as the first practice of Aerial Hoop – it’s completely free to try it out!

So? Will you change anything this week?

For more info visit Aerial Arts pole dance studio web page.


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