(Weekend Getaway to Spa “Morahalom” near Szeged, Hungary)

Spa… Sounds so, so… Geriatric and boring doesn’t it?! Who goes to a spa anyway? Maybe some great-aunt on your mother’s side who injured her hip, right? However, things have changed. And if you realise that spa has become synonymous for wellness, it means that the wellness (fancy name for a spa) is one of the best ways to escape from Belgrade (or Serbia) for the weekend! Here you can relax entirely in the superb swimming pools with thermal waters and forget that there is a delay on the highway, screen of the computer, crowd on the bus, bill for mobile phone that hasn’t been paid yet… No, the Morahalom spa is all about you, and as you slowly go from one swimming pool to another, you can even afford great massage, eat Hungarian specialties at more than affordable buffet, eat delicious buns and pancakes and relax in the sauna or go back to childhood sliding down a water slide.

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary

Here, I will write about the spa Morahalom located near Szeged, or if you go via Subotica some 15 km from the border; that way you can not miss it (which I recommend) – just go right ahead and you’ll see the spa. As far as the entrance, you can choose between two options – entrance through the hotel Colloseum or through the spa itself. Entrance through the hotel is a bit more expensive, but you’ll get certain benefits: the use of towels and bathrobe, you get to enjoy a few more pools and a jacuzzi, you have more intimate atmosphere and a clothes locker, as well as one sauna and a salt room where is not crowded. This benefit is not insignificant – towels and bathrobe are very important if you want to walk out outside and also you get to enjoy the peace of the hotel (which cannot always be found in the spa); plus hotel works for an hour longer. If 5 EUR still means something to you, you can go to the entrance of the spa and enjoy Morahalom without hotel amenities. 

From Serbia, you can get to Morahalom by car or with touristic agency. With agency you leave too early (at about 5 am) and you also return early because they take you to the certain supermarket after (agencies have deal with them). Personally, I think the car might be better because you can organise your own time and stay longer, and you will not spend that much more. Parking is permitted in front of the entrance, and there is a possibility of accommodation in the complex of the spa, or you can come up with your own plan if you want to spend the night there and find accommodation at, for example Palic Lake (two birds with one stone). You don’t have to worry about converting forints because exchange office is located at the entrance, where you also give a deposit for lockers (which they will later return) or if you enter through the hotel, the price of the locker goes with the price. The complex itself is amazing, the spa has different swimming pools, both outside and inside, and the water temperature ranges from 25 to 38 C (77 to 100 F). The water in different pools has a different mineral composition, and there are jacuzzi, water cannons, hydro massagers and waterfalls in pools. Also, it is permitted to smoke in the area of the spa.

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Outside pool with thermal water

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Outside Olympic pool

With all this, the spa is very clean and the temperature of the water and its purity are checked all the time. Besides the pool, there are a variety of saunas (steam bath, infrared sauna, Finnish, etc..) where you are able to relax completely. There is also a large variety of massages (aroma, health, relax, chocolate, Thai etc..), which are great, but should be scheduled as soon as you arrive. In addition, there are slides that are ideal for kids. 

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Waves that go round in circles are great fun for kids (and adults)
Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Big slide called Anaconda that even goes outside

The best swimming pools in my opinion, are those with thermal water, which we internally called oil because of its dark thermal water color and its heat (35-38 C; around 100 F). In Mórahalom there are 4 pools with oil (2 outside and 2 inside) and although the time inside the pool is limited to 20 minutes, you’re unlikely to want to leave after that time, especially if you manage to stand at a good hydro massager. 

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Inside oil pool with beautiful stained glass windows

When you get tired of swimming, you can relax on the sun loungers or go inside to dine. You can bring your own food and nobody will look at you, but it’s a pity to do that because the buffet is more than affordable, and you can eat a huge portion for decent money. If you are not up for a restaurant, you can try fritters sold outside (coated with garlic, sour cream and/or cheese) or pancakes that are full of cream (or you can ask for a sweet fritter :)).

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Tasty soup with turkey and portion of beans

Once you’re done with your day in the spa, you don’t have to worry about your wet hair because there are blow driers at every corner. After the spa, totally relaxed, you can go to Szeged and stop by for famous chimney cake.

Great Weekend Getaway In Morahalom! Szeged, Hungary
Chimney cake

All in all, the Morahalom spa is a wonderful place if you decide to get away for the weekend, although it is better to go in the winter time because the water is warm and it’s such a joy to be in pool outside while it’s snowing. For those who would like to learn more, official website and ticket prices can be found here


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!


  1. Odličan tekst! Toliko sam slušao o ovoj banji, a sada konačno iskustvo iz prve ruke. Hvala Ana! 🙂

    • Ana Gord Reply

      Biće ti super, mnogo je dobro, pogotovo ti bazeni napolju 🙂 Na sličan fazon je i Aquapolis u Segedinu blizu, ali meni je ova banja draža 🙂


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