I am words I am someone’s words gathered on a paper that are out of paper, I am bunch of letters that I leave behind, I am just a trace in the universe that will disappear without a trace, that may become again, I am trapped in each book for the sake of my body built out of letters, you will not know me unless you read me and I will not know myself because I cannot read myself all to the end, deplete myself, because I am just that pathetic bunch of letters, always the same, fenced with 26 characters, in some language more, in some less, I am alone and always with someone, I am in love with myself too much, in my letters and pages and I have no boundaries, except those letters, but I travel through connections with sentences, I build myself with no connection to words, I am always staring at dot on i and three dots at the end of the thought that is endless and if you think this kick ass how will you only react to something that I write outside of myself and my letters, out of any relation to reality, how will you leave me and let me go forever when you look at this letters and you cannot stop reading me…


If you're too tired to go out tonight, just think how you'll feel at seventy two!

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