I believe in fairytales.

I believe in thinking differently.

I believe in listening to your heart, no matter how irrational it may speak.

That’s why I write about things that nobody cares about: literature and writing. Because I strongly believe that I can change how people perceive literature and writers in general: outdated and boring. I believe that there is such an amazing world full of writing potential in my country that needs to find its way by embracing the new technologies and challenge its status quo. Because I believe I can be that spark that will light the fire in the hearts of other writers and people like me.

That’s why I write my articles about creative writingself-publishing, e-books, beta readers… I’m giving people an alternative. A way to succeed on their own. A way to still believe that our environment is not any less better than any other in the world. I’m giving them a hope that it’s possible to succeed by doing what you love.

I also believe there are other people like me, who like to try out new things instantly although everybody say it’s ridiculous, crazy or even wrong. And I found them on Spark.me in 2016. And I am happy to find them once again this year. People who are a proof that things can be done differently.

Last year, after my first Spark.me conference, I said that the point is not in influencing and neither is in finding the amusement of the millennials. It all begins with one idea. One sentence. One man. One act. In fact, we are the ones who create the change. And for something to change, we have to change something. Anything. We need to get off the throne of routine and give up on average behavior and mediocre ambitions. According to one quote (again, me and quotes!), your action may seem like a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made out of drops. Through any changes we become a part of a snowball effect and that grew into an avalanche, which rapidly leads us to the desired result.

That’s why I want to attend Spark.me, again. Because I love being the in a room full of weirdoes who believed it is possible from the start. Who were the first to see. Who believed in fairytales themselves.

Last question for each speaker at Spark.me conference is: what lights your spark? My answer is: energy. The energy of all of us who are going there to change something. Who do not accept standard solutions. With a possibility to sound over pretentious, we are doing it in Gandhi kind of way – we are the change we want to see.


Because the spark is just one particle… that by merging together with another creates fireworks.

So let’s light this world once again guys… I’m ready.

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