(or beef entrecote a la steak tartare)

Whenever I mention that I love steak tartare, people often say that they have never tried it because of the bear thought that they are eating “living flesh”. Although I never quite understood that (to me it is somehow more logical to eat raw food than processed), yet I was sad because I will not share mom’s best recipe with my friends. But mom would not be Mom if she hadn’t come up with an alternative. Tired of our persistent avoidance of meat from the soup (and in her opinion, “leaving what is the healthiest”), my mom decided to use the rest of the meat and make it into something like steak tartare. The result? Soup is cooked every week, just so mom could make beef entrecote a la steak tartare (or as we renamed it – false steak). 

Necessary ingredients:

  • beef entrecote from the soup

  • onion (smaller one)
  • ketchup (a couple of tablespoons – to taste)
  • westchester sauce (a couple of teapoons – to taste) 
  • soy sauce (a couple of teapoons – to taste) 
  • salt
  • peper
  • fresh parsley
  • mustard (a couple of teapoons – to taste) 


Clean the onion and cut it into quarters. 


Clean meat of bone and put it with onion and parsley in a cutter.

The meat is grounded until it is completely cut up. That means to open the cutter several times and check whether the onions and meat are completely pulverized.

Occasionally, stir it with a spatula and check how everything is combined.

This is how it should look like when it’s nicely grounded up. 

Add fresh parsley and ground some more (you can add parsley before this – we forgot). 

When everything is nicely grounded up, pour into a bowl and start adding other ingredients. 

The order in which you add other ingredients is not important. My mom makes it to taste (this means, try while stirring), and generally it is best to feel a little bit of each ingredient (and the taste should be moist, not dry). 

Mix all ingredients into an homogenous mass.

You need to get a relatively smooth mass (as shown). Flatten it out with a spatula and if desired, garnish with parsley.

And voila! Your false steak is finished! Put it in a fridge for at least an hour to harden slightly (in my house it almost never make it that far – and it’s just as nice).

We eat beef entrecote a la tartar at the same principle as steak tartare – we toast the bread, coat it with butter and put a thick layer of tartare over it.

I hope you like the idea (and that with this many will try the real steak). It’s easy to prepare, and as soon as you make it, let me know your impressions!


Bon Appétit!



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  1. Jaaaooo ovo me podseca na detinjstvo…svake godine sam kod drugarice na slavi klopala NAAAAJJJAAAACIIII TARTAR BIFTEK NA SVETUUU!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM nema bolje stvari od toga! Uvek su ostajale prazne činije posle nas 😀 😀 😀


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