Interested in advertising your product on my blog? Or would you simply like to cooperate in some way? You are at the right place!

L’Oreal, agency Viva and Srecica gallery already advertised here and now so can you! Here are some options on how we can colaborate:


On my blog I do publish sponsored texts – this means I write articles about the product or service based on my personal experience.

I already cooperated with L’Oreal cosmetic company, Viva traveling agency, Marina Guduric fitness studio, but also with Srecica aprons, Avangardni Sobicak bow ties, Pismo Tasne decoupage etc.or see on this Pinterest board (almost) all the texts that I wrote. Besides this, I was the sole editor of couple of foreign blogs such as Paint Your Life and Nina Vidmar Style Consulting which means I wrote all the texts and designed the overall look of those blogs. We can also cooperate quid per quo and I mostly prefer to write texts in exchange for travel, clothes, cosmetics, tickets for certain events, but I’m happy to write texts in an exchange for anyhing else that I like.

Sponsored text will be labeled as sponsored, but will not directly affect my writing. This means that you can propose a topic and make suggestions, but I decide how the product will be presented and what will be the final content and layout of an article. If I for any reason don’t like the given product, I reserve the right not to publish a blog post about the service you provide. All sponsored articles will be also advertised on social networks that I run. Whatever your service is, feel free to email me at and title the subject as SPONSORED TEXT.


You need a person who knows a lot about topics such as blogging, (creative) writing,  publishing, writing for the internet, blogging, general literature or anything related? I’m happy to be the guest speaker at your seminar or workshop – both in English and in Serbian. If you would like 1-on-1 consultation for bloggers and writers, please check this page that explains consultations in detail or email me. If you are interested in me being a guest lecturer at your conference or you are looking for the entire seminar in my organisation, feel free to contact me by naming the email subject as SEMINAR and write to: 🙂


In addition to writing services, it is also possible to put banners on this blog for a certain period of time. Feel free to write at and name the subject ADVERTISING.


If you have any other interesting ideas for cooperation or some other interesting proposasl (which are not listed here), feel free to contact me anytime at

Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. U pocetku sam citala tekstove kao drugarica, sad citam blog zato sto mislim da je inspirativan, koristan, jednom rijecju sjajan!


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