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Digital Gutenberg 3 – Electronic Publishing Debate

(or electronic publishing –  challenges and limits; guest post by Sonja Ocic)

If you answered the question at the end of the last article, you chose to become a digital optimist, skeptic or agnostic. And whatever group you belong to, in the electronic publishing debate, many believe that if it is accepted that the book is only one medium, whether electronic or printed, the main issue is the difference between reading printed or electronic books. In any case, most agree that electronic publishing has several advantages over printed. If it would be necessary to allocate most of them, reasons would be economic, hyper-textual, interactive and, as a result of all this, democratic.


Deep in the city, on a pavement, I’m lying with my hand on my stomach counting down the heartbeats to hunting grounds. It’s three in the morning and far away, I am sure it’s raining. I am nervous and I want to walk down, along the street, to go astray. To kick stone blocks in your face so you can hear me.

Digital Gutenberg 2 – Concept and Development of Electronic Publishing

(or electronic publishing –  challenges and limits; guest post by Sonja Ocic)

(Second article in a series of posts written by my dear Sonja Ocic – if you have missed the introduction, click here for the first part of the text.)

One of the features that have been created by the rise of the Internet was electronic book, a digital reproduction of traditional printed book, which could be delivered directly to the user through a publisher’s or author’s site, or sites for sale. Electronic books are digitized, virtualized versions of books that can be read on a PC or special equipment – electronic book reader. Some of the advantages of electronic books are: 24 hour availability (no need to wait for bookstore or library to open or require a reservation if the book is already taken), e-books can be accessed from anywhere on the planet and they can’t be lost or stolen. Many programs that are used to display the contents of electronic books allow the reader functionality on which he is used to when reading books printed on paper: marking and underlining text, writing comments and marking pages.

9 Rules You Can Easily Break When Starting A Blog

(or 9 tips that are not very helpful when creating a blog)

If I followed all the rules, I’d still be following all the rules. That’s what I read recently. Good quote (I love quotes). Enlightening one. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of “general rules”. Nothing on earth is a must. And each rule is equally applicable or inapplicable. It all depends on your personality. That’s why I decided to make a list of advices which rules you shouldn’t take too seriously at the beginning of creating a blog.

Writer’s Block – Help, I’m Stuck!

(or proved evidences that creative block is really made up)

I’ll have to disappoint you straight away. The world is not as they show it in the movies. Chuck Norris didn’t kill the blindman with his eyes. Carrie and Big didn’t live happily ever after. Amnesia doesn’t affect everyone who hit their head on the table. Cars do not explode. Bullets kill. Hearts break. And creativity is not a fluffy thing that suddenly appears in the final scene when an artist, at a sudden sight of a child playing finds the part he missed and finishes his work within 5 days and 3 sleepless nights.

Dital Gutenberg 1 – Digital Culture & Digital Revolution

(or electronic publishing –  challenges and limits; guest post by Sonja Ocic)

(this is the first in a series of posts written by my dear colleague Sonja Ocic, who works at Clio publishing company as a rights manager.)

The disappearance of the paper book and its transfer to electronic book took place in the last few decades as a very present theme in the developed world; first as a prediction, then as a topic of many books, magazines, websites and blogs, and also as a subject of scientific conferences, round tables and other gatherings. If we believe the latest data, pessimistic predictions were more or less true. Classic book has not yet disappeared, but has lost its primacy since 2011. Amazon, the largest bookstore in the world, sells 10 electronic books every second which is over 310 million copies annually. Also, the American National Institute of Standards and Technology predicts that by 2018, nearly 90% of books sold will be in an electronic form. On the other hand, electronic publishing in Serbia, by itself and as a theme, is much less prevalent.

At The End Of A Beginning

(or what does it feel like when you finish writing a book)

No, I’m still not sleeping alone. Elina… She’s still lying in my bed. We talk at night, I softly whisper that it’s over, but she doesn’t listen and stubbornly turns her head:
– Let me sleep…
And I let her go, telling myself – just one more night. So I lie down and watch her breathing and I’m not sure whether I should cover her, or put a pillow over her head. I don’t want her to leave. But I don’t want her to stay here forever too. Other characters are waiting for their turn. Then I caress her hair for a long time, and call her sweet names, while she sighs sleepily with open mouth, until I fall asleep myself, again and again fascinated by a sight of my own creation.

Is it Possible to Earn Money Being a – Poet?!

(or 5 myths and 6 truths on how to earn money being a poet)

Money and poetry. I see. At first glance, one has nothing to do with another. There’s no money in poetry. But, (wait for it!) there is no poetry in money too. It’s that simple. And if there is among you one poor misunderstood poetic soul – this blog post is for you. And for all of those who cannot understand you.

Kako Objaviti Knjigu Na Amazonu (KDP-u)?

(i to potpuno besplatno!)


Da, naravno da znam da sam već napisala tekst na blogu o tome kako objaviti elektronsku knjigu na srpskom jeziku (i crnogorskom, bosanskom, hrvatskom). Ali ovde ću se fokusirati samo na Amazon i kako objaviti knjigu za Amazon – i u elektronskom i u papirnom obliku! Usput ću dati par informacija o prevođenju i reklamiranju knjige i otkriti kako da objavite e-knjigu na srpskom (i ostalim ex-yu jezicima). Naravno, uz ograničenja.

Writer – A Hunger Artist

(and how to feed him)

How fortunate I was that Bar Rafaeli agreed to pose for (my favorite magazine) Esquire. Because I googled and googled and googled. Here, try it yourself. Sexy writer. Cute writer. Hot writer. Nothing. Number of satisfactory images = 0. And in print – is equal to zero. Therefore I do thank Bar for providing a cover image for this post. Because being a writer is simply not sexy.

Realizing The Preciousness Of Your Manuscript With Beta Readers

(or who are beta readers and critique partners and how to get them talkin’)

One of the challenges of content quality today is product digitalization. You take a photo, add a filter or two and all of a sudden you’re a Helmut frickin’ Newton. Drone camera shoots a movie scene that is later put in a slow motion and you get The Matrix. Or you just enter a reality show and become a new Marlon Brando. It all looks so, so fabulous. It’s similar when it comes to writing texts. People that type on the computer often think their text is perfect. Letters are all the same and it’s all even on a shiny paper (and you typed with your own hands). But although it may seem nice on the screen, it doesn’t mean it’s actually any good.

(Creative) Writing – Talent or Craft?

(or can writing be taught)

Believe it or not, cursive letters are not being tought in schools in USA for years now. Showing that not only Americans are crazy, in Finland parents choose if they would like their children to learn how to write or not. Yes, would they take the pencil and learn how to write. And before you wonder how the heck is this possible, ask yourself when was the last time you wrote something with your hand (and no, your signature does not count).

Book Reincarnation – E-Readers

(or more about e-book readers and why are they better than normal books)

When it comes to reading books on electronic device (e-reader), paperback editions usually have poor defense:

– Nothing can replace paper and the “real” book!
– Nothing can compare to the feeling of holding a book in your hand!
– It is very difficult to read on a computer!
And then the strangest, and usually the biggest argument is:
– How can I enjoy reading when I cannot smell the book?!
And because all of these reasons are completely well, ridiculous when you think about them, today I want to explain why I think e-readers are so much better than normal books.

Postcards From Barcelona

(travel scriptum – Spain in September)

When was the last time you wrote one? Long time ago right (if you ever did)? Mandatory colorful paperboard that traveled thousands of miles just to get into the right hands, has been neglected and replaced by another (undoubtedly easier) forms of communications. On the other hand, it’s difficult to write about Barcelona. There’s no such thing that haven’t been written. That’s why I decided to send postcards. Intimate experience of the city, a short breath of Spain described with tiny handwriting on limited space. Without too many words, although not just: lots of warm greetings from, but sent from the heart, with kisses and intent. And there were couple of those… So, vamos!

Three, Two, One – HOOP!

When was the last time you changed something in your life? I’m not thinking about the circumstances that have forced you to change something. I’m talking about something that you have done at your own free will, when you said: today I will try this – enough with the talk! In sports in particular, when you train for a long time or when you are not training at all – you need a change. To experience something new. Interesting. Inspiring. A physical change affects the state of consciousness. That’s why (at least for me) it is always a great thing when I try out a new form of physical activity. And this time it was an amazing Aerial hoop!

Aerial – what?!


Good evening, he said with never forgotten lips, and what was so good about it? My head hurt from the pressure of his presence and poor, long-lost heart was pounding. ‘Evening, because indeed, the evening it was. What, where, how and with whom, and what should I say to him, so I continue to blankly speak empty stories: It’s good, good and that’s how I only confirm his good. Yes, why not and that sort of lies that more insulted lips than the brain; lips because they are dirty, lips because they are bad when they know how to invent such things. Long ago body started roaring due to desire for the body, breath and eyes to mist under the blindness of excessive beat in the stomach. He managed to strike the final blow: he smiled, in such way, in such way… Like that long, long time ago. As in the mirror, I drew a smile on my face, just to show that I still remember how to do it. He said goodbye and did what he always knew the best – left.


No. No. No. No. Let’s – no.

What is its job after all? What’s the point of my present NO? Greater good? Because this present YES appear to know what it’s doing, and that NO for the sake of future credit seems so irrelevant. Do I have to say NO? And if not, why I am saying NO after all?

Belgrade 1, 2, 3 – Souffle, Aprons & Fortune

(things to do in Belgrade – part three)

It’s hard to be objective in the things you like. It’s still your taste and things you like. So these are just my subjective proposals. And this time at (more and more regular) post Belgrade 1, 2, 3, you’ll find a great cafe, a YouTube show (in Serbian) and the most cheerful and colorful aprons in the whole world (that can be in English). So let’s begin 🙂

Get To Know Thyself: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

A story that begins in a very (un)usual way: Liz has the perfect life – a beautiful house, a good career and a decent husband. But Elizabeth doesn’t want children. She doesn’t. And she tears herself apart for not wanting them. When so many people want children, when so many women are trying to get pregnant. Everyone should want to have children, should’t they? Especially when all other requirements are there. What exactly is her problem?!

Taking Care Of The Largest Human Organ

It took me a long time to handle the fact that skin is the largest human organ. Organ. And that’s why I should treat it carefully and gently. Especially my face. Not to mention the fact that there are a million products on the market that I should choose from and find the one that suits me. That’s why I made a small list of products I use for a basic face care, and as I advocate natural cosmetics, this should suit most skin types. So let’s begin 🙂

Belgrade 1, 2, 3 – Bow Ties, Martaan, Henri Matisse + Giveaway!

(what to do in Belgrade)

Belgrade in 3 steps. The 1, 2, 3 enjoyments: a space for whispers, a detail that catches the eye and the food for the soul. It happens so often, the best is left for the end, and it seems to me that Belgrade hides something different and new in its every corner. That’s how I’ve found beautiful bow ties, incredible exhibition and there is also one of my favorite cafes. So if you have no idea where to skittle these days, here are some suggestions on what to do 😉

Oh, La, La, Decoupage!


I’ve always been fascinated decoupage technique and all the things that can be made with it, so today’s post is all about decoupage purses. I usually find them at handicraft fairs and I am always surprised how awesome they look and that each one is unique. They are usually full of colors so they can be combined not only with the evening outfit, but also with the daily outwear, and they are super convenient for mobile phones and other girly stuff. That is why today, along with Marina who makes these wonderful purses, I prepared a special giveaway

Belgrade 1, 2, 3 – Esquire, Pržionica, Metamorphosis

(or things to do in Belgrade)

Sometimes it seems that Belgrade cleverly conceals its best pieces, or people just don’t notice how many good things there are to do in this city. For some time I’ve wanted to write this recommendation post, and now I think it will become a regular one 🙂 The topic is 3 things that are interesting in Belgrade, for example. bars, restaurants, plays, but even websites and books… For now, I chose something I was previously thinking about, so it should be interesting!

Love Hate Relationship With My Personal Trainer

I like to workout. No, I love to workout. I tried all sorts of aerobics, hydrobics, kickboxing, pilates, zumba and it seemed that the next stop would be cricket 🙂 And then I finally found the right aerobics which was perfect for me – 3x a week & a great trainer. The only thing that was not so great was their schedule, the eternal crowd in a group and constant waiting for the shower. But then I also started getting more work… And my every attempt to get to the training has failed 🙁

How To Make High Heels Less Painful?

(or The Best Tips Ever To Making High Heels More Comfortable)

On a night out girls (and some boys) love wearing stilettos because they look so good and make you feel more confident and sexy (not to mention legs look longer and leaner). At the same time, everybody’s dreading the moment the balls of the feet will begin to burn along with the horror of toe numbness. And no matter how perfect the night was, somehow it seems that it always have to end up with an excruciating foot pain.

However, I learned that you don’t have to avoid wearing great looking heels just because you feel tired and achy – pain in your feet isn’t a price you have to pay. Here are some of my thoughtful tricks that can save you from limping on your way back home (or before), because gorgeous Louboutin’s don’t look so good when you wear them in your hands.

Hot Trends For Cool Winter + Shoes!


(or Top Fashion Styles For Upcoming Winter. And Shoes Of Course!)

Winter is coming (yes, exactly like in Game of Thrones) so I wanted to show 10 hottest fashion trends that designers have predicted for the upcoming coldness! Be prepare to wear a lot of khaki color, fury accessories, goldish elements, but also check what could be your ideal shoes to match the particular trend. And all that in pictures…

Growing Up In A Week – Tadpoles by Ante Tomic

 (book recommendation)

In year 1975, Alenka is 12 years old and spends summer vacation with her grandparents. Her days pass by in the company of two boys in the landscape of Slavonian town B, and around low sandbar on the river (popularly known as Texas). In just a few weeks the girl  matured significantly. And growing up do usually happen in this way. Overnight. And then people do not notice that you became a girl, and talk to you like you’re still a kid. Or worse, get to know you as a girl (who grew up suddenly) and do not realise that you’re still a child.

Steak Tartare Without The Steak

(or beef entrecote a la steak tartare)

Whenever I mention that I love steak tartare, people often say that they have never tried it because of the bear thought that they are eating “living flesh”. Although I never quite understood that (to me it is somehow more logical to eat raw food than processed), yet I was sad because I will not share mom’s best recipe with my friends. But mom would not be Mom if she hadn’t come up with an alternative. Tired of our persistent avoidance of meat from the soup (and in her opinion, “leaving what is the healthiest”), my mom decided to use the rest of the meat and make it into something like steak tartare. The result? Soup is cooked every week, just so mom could make beef entrecote a la steak tartare (or as we renamed it – false steak). 

Great Weekend Getaway – Spa Morahalom!

(Weekend Getaway to Spa “Morahalom” near Szeged, Hungary)

Spa… Sounds so, so… Geriatric and boring doesn’t it?! Who goes to a spa anyway? Maybe some great-aunt on your mother’s side who injured her hip, right? However, things have changed. And if you realise that spa has become synonymous for wellness, it means that the wellness (fancy name for a spa) is one of the best ways to escape from Belgrade (or Serbia) for the weekend! Here you can relax entirely in the superb swimming pools with thermal waters and forget that there is a delay on the highway, screen of the computer, crowd on the bus, bill for mobile phone that hasn’t been paid yet… No, the Morahalom spa is all about you, and as you slowly go from one swimming pool to another, you can even afford great massage, eat Hungarian specialties at more than affordable buffet, eat delicious buns and pancakes and relax in the sauna or go back to childhood sliding down a water slide.

High Fashion Meets High Tech!

(or 5 Fashionable Tech Products)

So you’re about to take a picture but your phone is dead because the internet was on for just one hour. Or you didn’t hear it ringing (again!) because it was buried deep inside your purse. Or you didn’t bring your memory stick cause it was supposed to be in you bag (but it’s not!), and you really, really need it. Or you want to check your pulse while jogging but don’t remember where to place your fingers (was it the wrist or the neck and what exactly do you need to count?!). You know the feeling huh? Well yes, technology can help, and just so you know – not all fashion tech products are necessary bulky and difficult to have on. And here’s how some regular fashionable accessories took a leap forward that can nowadays change your life for better.

It’s Always Tea Time!

(or where do I find great cool gifts for every occasion)

I have to admit that this is a gift shop that my good friend owns, but that does not diminish its awesomeness! This mini gallery is called Srecica and it is located in Borca district, and since it is not very close to the city centre the prices are more than reasonable! When you enter, you just do not know where to look and what to touch or smell – there is an incredible selection of really great things for every occasion. 

What Do We Know About Love Anyway – The Art Of Loving by Erich Fromm

(or What To Read – book recommendation)

When I was thinking about a book I wanted to write about, I thought about Hugh Hefner. Did this eternal bad boy in a bathrobe knew that his photos of Merlin Monroe in the first issue of Playboy magazine would bring him so much popularity? Once I saw an interview with him, Hugh was talking about Merlin with immense respect, and the first thing he did when he earned a little money was to buy a grave right next to hers, and he said something like: “I owe all my gratitude to her.” Here I am not so interested in popularity of men’s magazine no. 1, as much as in his choice. First edition HAS TO BE phenomenal. To gain attention, so people can talk about it and remember it forever! That’s why the very first book that I write about cannot be ordinary… And while I was thinking which novel left the biggest impression on me, I remembered From and The Art Of Loving.


Great Granola Recipe That Even You Can Make :)

(or spring, healthy granola snack recipe that will light up your day)

One day I randomly tasted this refreshing recipe with granola at café Pastis in Belgrade’s Dorcol area (great cafe with great waiter!). Then I tried it again at Passenger (again in Dorcol) and I liked it so much, that I decided to do make it myself.

It turns out that this nice, refreshing and crisp, healthy “sweet” can be made in less than 5 minutes and it doesn’t require a lot of culinary super powers 😉

Death Yoga That Makes You Come Back For More

(or my experience with Bikram Yoga (in Belgrade) after 10 classes (yeiii))

In the desperate search for some training, I spent hours browsing & looking for a yoga studio that I would like. My dearest Google suddenly showed Bikram yoga, and in addition to all yoga names that I just couldn’t yet figure out, I wanted to know which one is this. It turned out that the only difference from other yogas is that Bikram yoga is done – at 40 degrees C. Wtf ?!

I Am Words

I am words I am someone’s words gathered on a paper that are out of paper, I am bunch of letters that I leave behind, I am just a trace in the universe that will disappear without a trace, that may become again, I am trapped in each book for the sake of my body built out of letters, you will not know me unless you read me and I will not know myself because I cannot read myself all to the end, deplete myself, because I am just that pathetic bunch of letters, always the same, fenced with 26 characters, in some language more, in some less, I am alone and always with someone, I am in love with myself too much, in my letters and pages and I have no boundaries, except those letters, but I travel through connections with sentences, I build myself with no connection to words, I am always staring at dot on i and three dots at the end of the thought that is endless and if you think this kick ass how will you only react to something that I write outside of myself and my letters, out of any relation to reality, how will you leave me and let me go forever when you look at this letters and you cannot stop reading me…