About Ana Gord

As this is the part that I updated too many times, let me say what I know for sure: Ana Gord is a Serbian writer and blogger born in Belgrade. I mastered at the department of General Literature and Theory of Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Serbia (if anybody cares). I love to write, enjoy blogging and take great pleasure in traveling and sports. I’ve published 5 book altogether: 2 e-books Stories. For reading. And retelling. and Backwash on iTunes and Amazon, 3 free books on my blog and I am currently working on my next novel. If you’re curious to know more about my work, you can read some of my prose under the category My Works or look me up on Amazon (by buying one of my books, you are supporting me and my work, thanks).


About this blog

My blog deals with topics related to writing such as creative writing, inspiration, blogging, advices for (future) writers, publishing etc.

As I am an author myself, here you can find my books and stories and prose texts as well as other (un)published works and thoughts.

Besides this, on this blog you can find my reviews, travel impressions and other entertaining stuff so click on the category that interests you to see what else is there.


Stories. For reading. And retelling.

Short stories, Amazon 2015.

Buy now: Stories. For reading. And retelling. by Ana Gord

These four short stories (for reading and retelling) speak about love, or to be more exact, about passion, jealousy, insecurity and all other supporting content of love. Since love is the feeling we all feel (but cannot explain), stories often deal with the subject how to explain love and what is good and what is bad in love (if there is anything bad); and what really happens before and after these well-known feelings? If this seems interesting, find more about Stories or buy them on Amazon (in English) or iBooks (in Serbian language).


Novella, iTunes 2016.

Buy now (Serbian only): Backwash by Ana Gord

Backwash haven’t been translated into English yet, but you can find more details here, or contact me for release info of the English version.

On other books in Serbian, check out this blog under My work category.